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A Photography Workshop


We will be covering technical aspects of photography: exposure, lighting, composition. I’ll share what’s in my gear bag and what I travel with when shooting outside the country. We will go through my process of what I look for and consider when shooting as well as some tips and creative elements I use/practice. There will also be a chance to actually go out on location, shoot, and try some of these elements.


We will be talking through what it looks like to serve organizations with your skillset and business. I’ll cover my personal philosophy on this, how I started Love Gives Way and what I’ve learned, as well as the Create To Restore projects I go on where I serve non-profits around the world.


We will end the day with a conversation aroundbuilding your business, investing in the creative community, conduct within the business/community, and growing as a creative. It's important to understand the potential you have to influence others within the creative community and seek to be intentional with your interactions.

February 22, 2014

Breakfast and Lunch Provided.
Optional Dinner Afterwards

For questions, email:

Tannery Row
Buford, GA