Andy Brophy


I am married to my best friend, Jenica, and together we are doing our best to raise two crazy and amazing boys. I’ve been a full time photographer since 2010, and I’m so grateful to all of my clients who have trusted me over the last several years.

While I am based out of Atlanta, I’ve been blessed to travel a lot with photography. I’ve shot weddings in Ireland, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Missouri. I’ve served non-profit organizations in India, Turkey, Cambodia, Haiti, Panama, and Guatemala.

If you are drawn to my work, then I would love to hear from you and see what we can create together. Thanks!



Things I like:

  • family
  • mountains
  • lakes/rivers/oceans
  • coffee
  • Chicago (and all their sports teams, minus the white sox)
  • soccer
  • traveling
  • kayaks
  • hammocks
  • reading
  • Settlers of Catan
  • music (Seryn, Bon Iver, Jonsi)

Things I don’t like:

  • traffic
  • huge/detailed wedding shot lists (I want you to trust me)
  • bananas
  • people who think they’re better than anyone else
  • watching a movie more than once (unless Jason Bourne is in the movie)
  • Man-colds

On a more serious note, something I am very passionate about is the fight against sex trafficking. Because of a couple experiences I have had as a photographer with the world of sex trafficking, it led me to start an organization called Love Gives Way. Through LGW, wedding couples are leveraging their wedding day to raise awareness and channel funds to organizations who are in the trenches restoring the lives of people who have been sexually exploited. To find out more about Love Gives Way visit our site here:

The Love Gives Way Story from Stuart Atkins Films on Vimeo.