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January 18, 2018

Forrest and Landry – Destination Engagement Session – Rocky Mountain National Park

Despite freezing temps and wind gusts of 30+ that felt like would knock us over at times, we still managed to capture some great shots for Forrest and Landry’s Destination Engagement Session.

I’ve known Forrest for year and was so excited when he reached out about capturing this season for them. Since Landry is currently working out in Colorado and I was planning on going camping for a few nights out there, we decided to meet up in Rocky Mountain National Park. They are both outdoorsy people who love camping, hiking, and climbing so it fit them perfectly.

I also added a few long exposures I took that night of the clear, star-filled sky.

Thanks Forrest and Landry for a great shoot and can’t wait to serve you on your wedding day!

January 4, 2018

Dan and Jackie – 9.30.17 – Foxhall Resort

This was one of those days with one of those couples where you just know you are creating some of your best work. It had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the raw of emotion of two people who were overwhelmingly joyful at the thought of becoming one. Throw in some amazing light and a vintage Bronco and it just took everything to the next level. They are also incredibly sweet and sentimental people so you will see a lot of very intentional things they did for one another to make their day that much more special and memorable.

Dan and Jackie – thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you both during this season. Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to play a small part in your story!

Planning and Design: Evermore Weddings and Events
Floral and Ceremony Structure: Hacman Floral
Linens: BBJ Linens
Rentals: Vintage Rental Company (colored glass, macrame pieces)
Rentals: Unlimited Party and Event Rental (gold flatware)
Signage and Stationery: Hi-Note
Hair and Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics

Dan surprised Jackie with the box you see on the right, full of little gifts and letters that she’s to open during key life moments.  Some included were “Open when we have our first child” and “Open when we retire” – love it!

Jackie also had a little surprise for Dan. We worked together to figure out the best way to surprise Dan in the most subtle way. So, after the first look I said, “Let’s walk around the side to take some photos near the ceremony site.” To Dan’s surprise, Jackie had rented one of his favorite types of vehicle, a vintage Ford Bronco. It made for a pretty amazing photo prop.

December 26, 2017

Mark and Amanda – Engaged

While it may seem a little different to shoot in a cemetery, the Oakland Cemetery is Atlanta is absolutely breathtaking in it’s design and layout. Throw in some great light in the final hours of the evening and it provides a great backdrop.

Loved getting to know Mark and Amanda during their session and looking forward to their wedding in 2018!

December 24, 2017

Shelby and Andrew – 9.16.17 – Terminus 330

It was such a joy to serve Shelby and Andrew on their wedding day in Atlanta. I loved getting to meet Andrew as I’ve known Shelby for years and seeing their love for one another. Shelby added a unique touch by bringing in a VW Bus which Andrew loves. His reaction was priceless as he may or may not have thought it was his to keep at first.

Thanks Shelby and Andrew for trusting me to capture your wedding day!


Venue – Terminus 330 Event Space

Hair and makeup – Becca whittinghill 

Florals – Liz from Adaptation Floral Design

Dress – Sweet Elegance Bridal

Catering – Carriage House Catering

Copper Steeple – Greene Staging

DJ – Jeremiah Flockhart from Nice Entertainment 

VW Bus – Boho Bus

December 24, 2017

Kara and Greg – Engaged

I love when couples are up for an idea and grateful for their patience when it’s not quite going as planned – ha.  We were able to borrow a canoe that I thought looked really cool from a buddy but it’s definitely more of a 1 person canoe given its thin walls and very slender shape. However, Kara and Greg made the most of it, stayed as still as possible, and we still got some great shots without falling in the lake. Throw in some killer fog coming off the river and a sunrise and you get a pretty great shoot.


Thanks Kara and Greg for a great session!

August 31, 2017

Ali and Kosta – Engaged

This session was like a dream…seriously. It was pretty surreal watching Ali and Kosta walk around the field hand in hand with horses in tow all while having another horse stand right at my back like a big puppy dog. He kept brushing up against me, pushing me with his head so I would pet him, and sniffing around for any snacks – ha.

I had the most fun getting to know Ali and Kosta and seeing their love for animals. They both attended and met while at UGA. Kosta played football and Ali was on the equestrian team and so some fellow athlete friends decided to set them up. After watching them interact together during their session, it was easy to see why their friends thought they would make a great match. They are both so easy going, fun loving, and obviously passionate about animals. I loved spending time at both Sweet Olive Farm and the UGA Equestrian training facility.

Thanks Ali and Kosta for a very memorable night!

ali and kosta engaged blog-24ali and kosta engaged blog-1

As if on cue, this donkey straight up smiled for the camera.

ali and kosta engaged blog-2 ali and kosta engaged blog-3 ali and kosta engaged blog-4 ali and kosta engaged blog-5 ali and kosta engaged blog-6 ali and kosta engaged blog-7 ali and kosta engaged blog-8ali and kosta engaged blog-9 ali and kosta engaged blog-10 ali and kosta engaged blog-11 ali and kosta engaged blog-12 ali and kosta engaged blog-13 ali and kosta engaged blog-14 ali and kosta engaged blog-15 ali and kosta engaged blog-16 ali and kosta engaged blog-17 ali and kosta engaged blog-18ali and kosta engaged blog-19 ali and kosta engaged blog-20 ali and kosta engaged blog-21

When we first walked into this field, I had no idea what to expect. I just saw a bunch of skittish horses that appeared to be acting rather than territorial. But then I watched Ali calmly approach them and they did the same in return – it was amazing to watch!

ali and kosta engaged blog-22 ali and kosta engaged blog-23 ali and kosta engaged blog-24ali and kosta engaged blog-25 ali and kosta engaged blog-26 ali and kosta engaged blog-27

There were plenty of moments like this as well where it was clear who wanted their turn in front of the camera.

ali and kosta engaged blog-36 copyali and kosta engaged blog-28 ali and kosta engaged blog-29 ali and kosta engaged blog-30 ali and kosta engaged blog-31 ali and kosta engaged blog-32 ali and kosta engaged blog-33 ali and kosta engaged blog-34 ali and kosta engaged blog-35

August 29, 2017

Sean and Victoria – 7.1.17 – Mijas, Spain

I had the extreme pleasure of traveling over to Spain and documenting the wedding of my good friend Sean and his wife Victoria. Everything about these couple days pointed to the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus from the depth of relationships all of these incredible humans share, to the crazy amazing views surrounding us, to even where the ceremony was held. It was a blessing to be there to say the least. Make sure to read along through the blog post for more insights.

Sean became a friend a few years back when he was working with AIM – Adventures In Missions. He would help people to debrief their experiences while serving on an 11 month long mission trip to 11 countries called The World Race. However, he was also shooting video and continually growing in that skill. That led him to other opportunities and to the point where he now shoots video full time. He then moved to Spain to be in community with some people he had met through his ministry experiences and that ultimately led him to meeting Victoria. Despite just meeting her the day of their wedding, I quickly learned why Sean thought so much of her and could see why they were perfect together. They love others to extreme lengths and they fight for what is right and good.

Sean and Victoria – thank you! Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for inviting me in to your story. Thank you for allowing me to come and create beautiful imagery that hopefully captures exactly what you guys think/feel when you think of your life together.

smith wedding blog-1

The night before the wedding, all of the guys were hanging together to enjoy a meal and pray over Sean. This all took place on the roof of the Airbnb that Sean and Victoria now run so if you ever want to vacation to southern Spain, hit me up because I know a guy – ha.

smith wedding blog-2 smith wedding blog-3 smith wedding blog-4 smith wedding blog-5 smith wedding blog-6 smith wedding blog-7

The next day, Sean picked me up so we could go take a quick look at the ceremony site. This was literally a piece of land that Sean found and was not being used currently. He told me, “Andy, when I stepped foot on this property, my feet literally felt like they were on fire. I knew the Lord was telling me, ‘This is where you will get married.'” It was awesome to see his community transform this place into a beautiful ceremony site.

smith wedding blog-8 smith wedding blog-9 smith wedding blog-10

We then headed into Mijas Pueblo in order for me to capture everyone getting ready as well as some portraits.

smith wedding blog-11 smith wedding blog-12 smith wedding blog-13 smith wedding blog-14smith wedding blog-15 smith wedding blog-16 smith wedding blog-17 smith wedding blog-18 smith wedding blog-19 smith wedding blog-20 smith wedding blog-21 smith wedding blog-22 smith wedding blog-23 smith wedding blog-24 smith wedding blog-25 smith wedding blog-26 smith wedding blog-27 smith wedding blog-28 smith wedding blog-29 smith wedding blog-30 smith wedding blog-31 smith wedding blog-32 smith wedding blog-33 smith wedding blog-34 smith wedding blog-35 smith wedding blog-36 smith wedding blog-37 smith wedding blog-38smith wedding blog-39 smith wedding blog-40 smith wedding blog-41 smith wedding blog-42 smith wedding blog-43 smith wedding blog-44 smith wedding blog-45 smith wedding blog-46 smith wedding blog-47 smith wedding blog-48 smith wedding blog-49 smith wedding blog-50 smith wedding blog-51 smith wedding blog-52 smith wedding blog-53 smith wedding blog-54 smith wedding blog-55 smith wedding blog-56 smith wedding blog-57 smith wedding blog-58 smith wedding blog-59 smith wedding blog-60 smith wedding blog-61 smith wedding blog-62 smith wedding blog-63 smith wedding blog-64 smith wedding blog-65 smith wedding blog-66 smith wedding blog-67 smith wedding blog-68 smith wedding blog-69 smith wedding blog-70 smith wedding blog-71 smith wedding blog-72 smith wedding blog-73 smith wedding blog-74 smith wedding blog-75smith wedding blog-76 smith wedding blog-77 smith wedding blog-78 smith wedding blog-79 smith wedding blog-80 smith wedding blog-81 smith wedding blog-82 smith wedding blog-83 smith wedding blog-84 smith wedding blog-85 smith wedding blog-86 smith wedding blog-87 smith wedding blog-88 smith wedding blog-89 smith wedding blog-90 smith wedding blog-91 smith wedding blog-92 smith wedding blog-93 smith wedding blog-94 smith wedding blog-95 smith wedding blog-96 smith wedding blog-97 smith wedding blog-98 smith wedding blog-99 smith wedding blog-100smith wedding blog-101 smith wedding blog-102 smith wedding blog-103 smith wedding blog-104 smith wedding blog-105 smith wedding blog-106 smith wedding blog-107 smith wedding blog-108 smith wedding blog-109 smith wedding blog-110 smith wedding blog-111 smith wedding blog-112 smith wedding blog-113 smith wedding blog-114 smith wedding blog-115 smith wedding blog-116

After leaving the ceremony site, we drove an hour and a half through the mountains en route to the reception at Finca Rocabella. We took our time and stopped along the way at some killer locations Sean had previously scouted.

smith wedding blog-118 smith wedding blog-117 smith wedding blog-120 smith wedding blog-121 smith wedding blog-123 smith wedding blog-124 smith wedding blog-125 smith wedding blog-126 smith wedding blog-127 smith wedding blog-128 smith wedding blog-129 smith wedding blog-122 smith wedding blog-130 smith wedding blog-131smith wedding blog-132 smith wedding blog-133 smith wedding blog-134 smith wedding blog-135 smith wedding blog-136 smith wedding blog-137 smith wedding blog-138 smith wedding blog-139

How all food at every wedding reception from now until forever should be prepared.

smith wedding blog-140 smith wedding blog-141 smith wedding blog-142 smith wedding blog-143 smith wedding blog-144 smith wedding blog-145 smith wedding blog-146 smith wedding blog-147 smith wedding blog-148 smith wedding blog-149 smith wedding blog-150 smith wedding blog-152 smith wedding blog-153 smith wedding blog-155smith wedding blog-154 smith wedding blog-156 smith wedding blog-158smith wedding blog-157smith wedding blog-160 smith wedding blog-159 smith wedding blog-161 smith wedding blog-162 smith wedding blog-163 smith wedding blog-164 smith wedding blog-165 smith wedding blog-166 smith wedding blog-167smith wedding blog-168 smith wedding blog-169 smith wedding blog-170 smith wedding blog-171 smith wedding blog-172 smith wedding blog-173 smith wedding blog-174 smith wedding blog-175

August 24, 2017

Brett and Melissa – Engaged

Grateful for such a great shoot with Brett and Melissa as they endured what felt like the first day where the humidity decided to show up in full force here in Atlanta. Like, the kind of humidity where you feel like you’re pushing it out of the way as you walk!

Thank you Brett and Melissa for a great time and i’m so thrilled with what we created together!

steve and melissa blog-1 steve and melissa blog-2 steve and melissa blog-3 steve and melissa blog-4 steve and melissa blog-5 steve and melissa blog-6 steve and melissa blog-7 steve and melissa blog-8 steve and melissa blog-9 steve and melissa blog-10 steve and melissa blog-11 steve and melissa blog-12 steve and melissa blog-13 steve and melissa blog-14 steve and melissa blog-15 steve and melissa blog-16 steve and melissa blog-17 steve and melissa blog-18 steve and melissa blog-19

August 23, 2017

Amanda and Mike – 6.10.17 – Biltmore Ballrooms

This wedding was some of the most fun I’ve had photographing a wedding. Not only were Amanda and Mike incredible to work with but I had a blast with all of their friends and family as well. I left this wedding really feeling as though I was brought into the celebration rather than just documenting the day from the outside. That’s the place where every photographer hopes to arrive with their clients.

Thank you Amanda and Mike for such an awesome day and I’m so pumped with what we created together. Congrats again!


Venue – Biltmore Ballrooms

Florist – E. Vincent Floral Design

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August 15, 2017

Lindsey and Brent – 6.10.17 – Ventanas

This wedding was shot by associate photographer Rachel Iliadis and she did an incredible job!  Here’s some of her own words from Lindsey and Brent’s morning wedding:

From the moment I first met Lindsey and Brent, the radiant love and joy that they shared for each other, life, and Christ was palpable. I quickly learned that they were two of the most kind, genuine, and selfless people I had ever worked with, and their carefree, joyful spirits made for the most special day. The couple chose to get married during the day at Ventanas, a premier rooftop venue in Atlanta, which made for the most epic views and sendoff (hello helicopter exit!). From getting ready through the ceremony to the reception, the day was filled with beauty, originality and fun. I feel honored and privileged to work with them on their gorgeous wedding. 

Thank you Lindsey and Brent for giving us the opportunity to document this incredible time in your lives. Wishing you both a wonderful marriage! 

blair wedding blog-1 blair wedding blog-2 blair wedding blog-3 blair wedding blog-4 blair wedding blog-5 blair wedding blog-6 blair wedding blog-7 blair wedding blog-8 blair wedding blog-9 blair wedding blog-10 blair wedding blog-11 blair wedding blog-12 blair wedding blog-13 blair wedding blog-14 blair wedding blog-15 blair wedding blog-16 blair wedding blog-17 blair wedding blog-18 blair wedding blog-19 blair wedding blog-20 blair wedding blog-21 blair wedding blog-22 blair wedding blog-23 blair wedding blog-24 blair wedding blog-25 blair wedding blog-26 blair wedding blog-27 blair wedding blog-28 blair wedding blog-29 blair wedding blog-30 blair wedding blog-31 blair wedding blog-32 blair wedding blog-33 blair wedding blog-34 blair wedding blog-35 blair wedding blog-36 blair wedding blog-37 blair wedding blog-38 blair wedding blog-39 blair wedding blog-40 blair wedding blog-41 blair wedding blog-42 blair wedding blog-43blair wedding blog-44 blair wedding blog-45 blair wedding blog-46 blair wedding blog-47 blair wedding blog-48 blair wedding blog-49 blair wedding blog-50 blair wedding blog-51 blair wedding blog-52 blair wedding blog-53 blair wedding blog-54 blair wedding blog-55 blair wedding blog-56 blair wedding blog-57 blair wedding blog-58 blair wedding blog-59 blair wedding blog-60 blair wedding blog-61 blair wedding blog-62 blair wedding blog-63 blair wedding blog-64 blair wedding blog-65 blair wedding blog-66 blair wedding blog-67 blair wedding blog-68 blair wedding blog-69 blair wedding blog-70 blair wedding blog-71 blair wedding blog-72 blair wedding blog-73 blair wedding blog-74 blair wedding blog-75 blair wedding blog-76 blair wedding blog-77 blair wedding blog-78 blair wedding blog-79blair wedding blog-80 blair wedding blog-81 blair wedding blog-82 blair wedding blog-83 blair wedding blog-84 blair wedding blog-85 blair wedding blog-86 blair wedding blog-87 blair wedding blog-88 blair wedding blog-89 blair wedding blog-90 blair wedding blog-91 blair wedding blog-92 blair wedding blog-93 blair wedding blog-94 blair wedding blog-95 blair wedding blog-96 blair wedding blog-97 blair wedding blog-98 blair wedding blog-99 blair wedding blog-100 blair wedding blog-101 blair wedding blog-102

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