Being a fellow whiskey enthusiast, I quickly got to know Justin during his time working at a local liquor store. He learned that I was a wedding photographer and decided to hit me up after proposing to Miranda. I was so excited when they told me about their vision for getting married on her grandparents property up in New Hampshire and their desire for me to capture it all. It reminded me so much of the wedding that my wife and I held on her parent’s property in Illinois back in 2006. Both had a laid back feel with a beautiful white tent set up in the side yard to create the perfect environment for a memorable time with family and friends. The only difference for Justin and Miranda’s wedding is that they experienced near record highs, which is why you won’t be surprised that they ended up in her grandparent’s pool at the end of the night.

I loved visiting the Boston area and southern New Hampshire. Thanks Justin and Miranda for trusting me to serve you guys and capture your wedding day!