Chandler and I almost cancelled this shoot because there was an absolute downpour on our way to meet up.  However, the rain just happened to miss the area we would be shooting as well as create this amazing fog that drifted up the river as we shot.  Another one of those happy accidents which leads to incredible images.  Maybe I’ll just buy a fog machine I can start carrying around with me.

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Here’s a shot to show my lighting set up in the river: Alien Bee 1600 with a Paul C. Buff Octabox – i’m powering it with the Vegabond mini power pack – this has pretty much been my go to set up for about a year now whether i’m doing a senior shoot or traveling around the world.  The Octabox allows me to access the power settings on the back of the Alien Bee without taking anything apart like I would need to when using any of the Apollo softbox modifiers – which I still love, but just don’t use as often.chandler blog-020