As a wedding vendor I believe that it’s our job to go, when necessary, beyond the role we are playing to make sure that above all else the wedding couple has the best possible experience on their wedding day. Even if that means going beyond your specific area of expertise or experience, you should be willing and ready to jump in to any moment and help solve problems, calm nerves, and be present.  Bottom line is we are there to serve the bride and groom first. Not your own portfolio, not your own desires, but the couple comes first. Eric and Meredith’s wedding was a perfect example to do just that. With a first look scheduled at an outdoor, off-site location and a massive thunderstorm that grew out of nowhere, I quickly reached out to them individually to see how they were doing and offer a suggestion. I could have just said let’s scratch that plan and get what we get later on in the day at their venue but I wanted them to have the best possible experience – not just what was easy.  So, I quickly made some calls and through the incredible cooperation of staff at Tannery Row, we were able to still have a first look in a beautiful location but also take all of the wedding party portraits and family portraits. While we still plan on doing a day after session for just Eric and Meredith so that they have more outdoor portraits, we all walked away extremely grateful for what we were able to capture. Thanks Eric and Meredith for being so flexible and trusting me enough to come up with another plan. Thanks also for coordinating with all of your wedding party and family to communicate the totally new, last-minute plan. Grateful for your patience and peace in the midst of a literal storm.   combs blog-1 combs blog-2 combs blog-3 combs blog-4 combs blog-7 combs blog-8 combs blog-11 combs blog-12 combs blog-13 combs blog-14 combs blog-15 combs blog-16 combs blog-17 combs blog-19 combs blog-20 combs blog-21 combs blog-22 combs blog-23 combs blog-24 combs blog-25 combs blog-26 combs blog-27 combs blog-28 combs blog-29 combs blog-30 combs blog-32 combs blog-33 combs blog-34 combs blog-35 combs blog-44 combs blog-46 combs blog-47 combs blog-48 combs blog-49 combs blog-50 combs blog-51 combs blog-52 combs blog-53 combs blog-54 combs blog-55 combs blog-56 combs blog-57 combs blog-58 combs blog-59 combs blog-60 combs blog-61 combs blog-62 combs blog-63 combs blog-64 combs blog-65 combs blog-66 combs blog-67 combs blog-68