One of the unique opportunities I sometimes have with couples is traveling to where they currently live or love to visit/vacation for their engagement sessions. I’ll always ask, “If you could do anything for your engagement session, what would it be and where?” Thankfully it’s worked out a few times already from other Colorado sessions at the Spanish Peaks and Rocky Mountain National Park, to Max Patch in North Carolina, and also New York City.

Odie and Katherine are getting married in North Georgia but currently live in Denver. When I asked them that same question, they expressed how great it would be to document this life they’ve built for them out west. So, we scheduled a time to meet up over the week of Thanksgiving while I was visiting family to hit up some of their favorite spots. Despite crazy high winds and wind chills in the 40’s, Odie and Katherine toughed it out and we were all really excited about what we created together.

I love doing everything I can to help the desires of my clients come true and it also gives me a creative boost to shoot in new locations either in the United States or abroad.

Thanks Odie and Katherine for helping to make this happen and can’t wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!