This shoot will go down as one of the craziest, most freezing, unbelievably fun, and beautiful engagement sessions I’ve done. I got to know Catherine and Robby really well when they went through my first ever Photography Mentorship program and they also became super close with my family as we hung out more and they occasionally watched our kids. Once they got engaged and they hired me to shoot their wedding, we started talking through ideas for their engagement session. After their first engagement session got postponed because of bad weather, Catherine and I were texting about where and when to shoot again and I said, “I just really wish we could make a trip up to Max Patch!” and she said, “Me too!” So, in a matter of probably 30 minutes, my wife and I coordinated with them to head up to Hot Springs, NC for a weekend to hang out with the family and shoot their engagement session at Max Patch. However, we never could have guessed how the images would turn out.

As we drove up, my wife and I started seeing how the tops of some of the mountains were a bright white but it didn’t quite look like snow. Once I arrived at Max Patch with Catherine and Robby, we realized that moisture from the clouds had literally froze to every branch, blade of grass, and stem. The result was an insane winter wonderland unlike anything we had ever seen. Paired with the gorgeous sunlight and Catherine and Robby being so awesome in front of the camera, I couldn’t believe what we were seeing on the back of my camera! Even though we literally had to take breaks in order to bundle up because of freezing temps and take shelter from the blistering winds, my camera even stopped for a moment because it was so cold, we had an absolute blast creating these images together.

Here are just a few of my favorites, even though I could have posted like 100 more!