While I have hosted a couple photography workshops in the past year, I have recently started doing more 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with existing full-time photographers or aspiring photographers.  I’ve loved the opportunity to teach and lead at the pace of my client and go in the direction that will most help set them up for success. In these mentoring sessions, I’ve been able to tailor the material specifically to the creative and every session is totally different.  I’ve covered more technical topics like exposing for off camera lighting, my specific lighting approach on portrait sessions and weddings, the business side of things from insurance to budgeting, as well as my entire process of how I walk with and serve my clients from the initial email to delivering their photographs.

I’m excited to share that I’m going to begin offering more of these 1-on-1 mentoring sessions so that I can cover more ground and create a tailor made experience for you! Look out for more details soon!

One of my more recent sessions was with Nashville portrait and wedding photographer, Ashley Campbell.  You can view her work at: http://www.photographyanthology.com  We first met when I took her senior portraits a few years back and we have been able to keep in touch ever since. I was honored though when she asked about doing a mentoring session – Ashley has beautiful work and I can’t wait to see how she grows and flourishes in Nashville. You need to keep an eye on her for sure!

For a full day 1-on-1 photography mentoring session, I make sure to include 2 things on top of everything we will cover: a portrait session for the client as well as an actual photoshoot with a single person or couple based on the request of the client. So, here are a few headshot selects of Ashley as well as some of my favorite images of my friends Brian and Linda. Don’t forget to also check out Ashley’s blog post about her experience and to view some of her images from the session as well!

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