Everyone’s love story is so unique but Brandi and Gareth’s truly is awesome. Here’s their journey in Brandi’s words: “We met the night before a wedding in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was wearing an Australian flag shirt and him being Australian noticed it immediately and we began talking and just couldn’t stop. He eventually had to leave the day after the wedding and go back to Australia. He found me on Facebook 3 months later and we became friends. Then he came to see me a year later. Then I went to Sydney to see him and never went home.  3 years later and now we’re engaged.”

They decided to get married at Upstairs Atlanta and while it wasn’t a destination wedding for me, it was for most everyone else. It was so fun getting to meet their crew and celebrate alongside their friends and family. We even got some killer golden hour sunlight near sunset with the Atlanta skyline in the background.

Thanks Brandi and Gareth for trusting me to capture your wedding day!