One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is when you are able to serve a family more than once, especially a family you’ve come to respect and love being around so much. That’s true of Carolyn and her family. I was able to capture her twin sister’s wedding years ago and also one of their friend’s weddings as well. It’s a group of people who share deep, meaningful relationships with those around them and are just an absolute blast! However, because I’ve been able to get to know them well and care for them, it broke my heart when Carolyn and Drew’s plans had to keep changing as a result of covid-19. From a moved date, to a backyard ceremony with just a small group, to then having to cancel their rescheduled date, Carolyn and Drew wanted to at least have something that included a little bit of their extended crew and where Carolyn could finally put on her wedding dress and Drew his tux.

They finally landed on a small, intimate gathering at the Dahlonega Resort and Spa where they could share a first look, take all of those wedding day portraits, but also share a meal and celebrate. While this day wasn’t what they had initially planned, it was still perfect in so many ways. I loved all of the genuine moments I was able to help capture as their family and friends loved on them with story after story of their character, friendship, strength, compassion, perseverance, and love they have for each other and their community.

Carolyn and Drew – thank you for allowing me to serve you both on such a special day. And also, thank you to Lindsay from TOAST Events for helping with many of the details and serving this couple through the entire process.