While I absolutely love shooting proposals, it’s still one of the more nerve racking moments to cover. You have to make sure to stay hidden, have all of your settings dialed in and ready to go, and then not sneak out too soon or too late to either blow it or miss it. However, there’s not many other moments more exciting either because the emotion is so real and raw. You realize you are capturing something that these people and those closest to them will cherish forever.

I was excited when Andrew reached out to begin planning how he would propose to Rachel. He even facetimed me from Brasstown Valley so we could talk through the specific spot, the time, how the light would look, and how it would all go down. If I wasn’t already nervous enough, the plan was for me to basically hide in plain sight by pretending to take headshots for a staff member from the resort. As the staff person tipped me off that they were walking in our direction, I pretended to finish up and walk back inside. Andrew then stopped me and asked if I could take a photo for them with his phone. Thankfully it went off without a hitch and Rachel didn’t suspect a thing! As I walked away and they looked at the photo, he began his speech and I quickly turned around to start capturing. I also loved that he had secretly planned for all of their immediate family and a few friends to be there to witness and celebrate with them.

Thank you Andrew for bringing me in on this and I’m so excited for you and Rachel!