When my wife, Jenica, and I got married in the summer of 2006, her then 7 year old sister Bailey was our flower girl. Bailey still wasn’t a huge fan of me at that point because her dream was to eventually live with her sister and own a lot of cats. The fact Jenica and I were moving down to Georgia probably had something to do with it as well. I think I finally grew on her over time though, and I’ve been grateful to care for her as my own sister.

Jenica and I loved watching Bailey grow into a brilliant, driven young woman. We knew it would take someone pretty special to live up to the standards she had set. Then came along Nic. They dated for quite awhile so I feel like in some ways we got to witness him growing and maturing as well. He’s a crazy talented guy at multiple things from photography and videography to playing and mixing music. They balance each other out so well and we love spending time with them whenever we get the chance.

As many weddings experienced, plans had to change and then change again and then change even one more time. However, even though the wedding looked different than what they had initially intended, I think everyone agreed it was pretty perfect.

They still had their ceremony at the church where Nic works but decision was finally made to have the reception under a tent in the side yard of my in-laws property. While it was a lot of work to pull off, it was so incredible to see how family rallied around this couple to serve them and give them the best possible wedding. My mother-in-law was the baker, florist, wedding planner, etc. My father-in-law and his landscaping crew helped make sure the property looked amazing. And the rest of the siblings, their spouses, and extended family did everything from hair and makeup, to decorating the 87′ Chevy for them to drive, creating all of the signage and center pieces, installing lighting on the property, setting up and decorating the entire reception area, picking up and installing the dance floor, and even serving food to guests. It was a team effort and seeing everyone’s servant hearts was pretty spectacular. I think the family is ready to open a couple wedding venues now!

Bailey and Nic – I hope you know how loved you both are by your family and friends. May this day forever serve as a reminder of that truth. Congrats to you both and can’t wait to watch you grow together!