So this post is pretty surreal for me because the bride-to-be is my sister-in-law, Bailey, who I’ve known since she was just 6 years old. I don’t think she liked me those first couple years because she wanted to grow old and live with her sister and own a bunch of cats, and I was the guy who came in and messed that all up – ha.

It’s been awesome growing in my relationship with her. She’s brilliant, hard working, and independent. It was going to take someone pretty special to live up to her standards and fit in with the family and she found just that guy in Nic. Not only is Nic naturally gifted as a musician and photographer, but he also has the work ethic to back it up. I’ve loved watching them grow together and can’t wait to celebrate with them later this year.

We literally chased the sun as it set over the harvested fields after shooting a few images in downtown Freeport. It was freezing cold but they still managed to look amazing in front of the camera and we lucked out with an awesome sunset.